Testimonials for Success Martial Arts Swindon

At Success Martial Arts Swindon, we have been teaching adults and children from all walks of life for over 11 years. Here is what some of those students have had to say about our club:

My two children have attended Success Martial Arts for the past seven years, working up to black belt first Dan. In all that time they have received nothing but unconditional support and help from all the instructors but particularly Gareth, who is concerned not only with their physical progress but also their mental wellbeing. He is firm but fair, and all their belts have been earned by their own hard work, not given automatically, unlike at other local martial arts schools. There are a huge range of classes at times and days to suit everyone, and Gareth is very flexible, allowing students to make up classes, change classes as suits, and attend additional classes. I have known Gareth a long time, he elicits the best from everyone who he works with and adept at teaching even the most difficult and vulnerable students. I can not recommend Success Martial Arts highly enough, and would never have allowed my children to go anywhere else, I firmly believe it is the best Martial Arts School around. In fact if my son goes away to University it will be one of the things he will miss the most.

C Haines


Both my sons started training with Success Martial Arts in January 2015 my eldest Daniel was 6 and my youngest Zach was 3. Success MA is a major part of their lives as they strive closer to their goal of a black belt. Chief Instructor Mr Davies and his team are fantastic role models and teachers, always giving their students 100%. Martial Arts is not only a great way of keeping fit but also instills discipline and respect. We believe attending classes at Success MA has resulted in our boys becoming confident, respectful, fit and healthy young men. With continued thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

M & J French


Since joining success at his primary school Frazer (10) has found a new interest. He’s moved from just after school classes to a regular weekly class too. He’s come on in leaps and bounds and really enjoys what he’s learning. He’s grown in confidence and takes a pride in showing what he can do. The instructors are all so very friendly, positive and encouraging and they know how to get the best out of their students.

N Brooks


My son has been attending Success MA for years and has loved every minute. Gareth is very encouraging and a good role model and he has a great team. My son has grown in confidence and aspires to get to black belt. Thanks.

D Craig


James started martial arts at 4 years old. He has learnt discipline, improved his concentration and listening skills and enjoys every session. He works hard to grade up to his next belt and likes to show his movements at home to us. The instructors work hard with all children of all abilities and I am always quick to recommend Success Martial Arts to any parent considering it.