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Graduation Photos

By |November 22nd, 2019|Success Martial Arts Swindon|

Graduations are a time to celebrate the hard work and dedication made by our students to achieving their next belt rank.Here are some photos from our most recent graduation in November.Please send us your graduation [...]

Grading Week starts Sat 9th Nov

By |October 7th, 2019|Martial Arts Gradings|

Grading week starts on Saturday 9th November for all coloured belts. Saturday 16th November - Black belts is for blackbelt grading and re-qualification for existing black belts. Please arrive at the Club in Stratton [...]

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Summer Holidays

By |August 22nd, 2019|Success Martial Arts Swindon|

Martial Arts Classes will be closed for a couple of weeks this Summer.Classes will be closed from August 22nd until August 31st.We hope all our students have a wonderful Summer break and look forward to [...]

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Forthcoming Grading

By |August 15th, 2019|Martial Arts Gradings, Tae Kwon Do|

Dates of the next grading weeks September 16th to 21st is grading week. Graduation Day is Sunday 22nd September. November 8th to 15th is Grading week. Blackbelt grading will take place on Saturday 16th [...]

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